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British Society for Skin Care In Immunosuppressed Individuals


The British Society for Skin Care In Immunosuppressed Individuals (BSSCII) aims to promote improved patient management and medical and scientific research that is relevant for skin diseases in immunosuppressed individuals including organ transplant recipients, those on long-term immunosuppressive medications, haematological conditions and HIV infection.


Membership is open to all medically and scientifically qualified individuals with an interest in skin disease in immunosuppressed individuals, upon application to, and approval by, the Society and Committee.

  • Ordinary Membership is available to any Consultant on the Specialist Register of the GMC and any Associate Specialist in Dermatology, or a Nurse Practitioner with appropriate training in Dermatology, or Transplant Medicine, or HIV-associated medicine. 
  • Trainee Membership is available to any Trainee Dermatologist holding a National Training Number.
  • Associate Membership is available to interested Medical Practitioners whose work is related to the Skin Care Inimmunosuppressed Individuals. Associate members must submit a CV and be proposed by two Ordinary Members from personal knowledge.


Members, trainee members and associate members shall pay an annual subscription, due on 1st February of £20.00. Any increase will first be ratified at an AGM.


The society has an annual scientific meeting at the BAD conference and all BSSCII members will be kept informed of the session, and are encouraged to submit studies.


President                                 Dr Charlotte Proby (Dundee)
President Elect  Dr John Lear (Manchester)
Secretary  Dr Helen Ramsay (Sheffield)
Treasurer  Dr Conal Perrett (London)
Website Dr Ferina Ismail (London)
Nurse Representative Mr Alan Milligan (London)
Haematology Oncology  Dr Tanya  Basu (London)
HIV Dermatology Professor Chris Bunker, Dr Nilesh Morar, Dr David Paige
Solid Organ Transplants Professor Catherine Harwood, Dr John Lear, Dr Mary Wain
Education Dr Abha Gulati



  • Advice on how to set up a specialist clinic (or pathway) for immunosuppressed persons with skin disease.
  • Standard datasets for (1) organ transplant recipients; (2) HIV+ persons (3) those with Haematological Diseases
  • Patient Information Passports (PIPs) relevant to this Society.
  • Clinical Research opportunities for members
  • Scientific Research opportunities for members
  • Annual Scientific meeting
  • To develop a Clinical discussion forum for difficult cases


We are actively recruiting members. We welcome all with an interest in the care of skin disease in immunosuppressed individuals. If you are interested in joining this society, or have any questions, please click on the link below and fill out the contact form, we will be in touch as soon as possible. Please note that we will not be able to respond to enquiries from individuals about their skin complaints.

To join the BSSCII please click the link below:

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