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British Teledermatology Society

British Teledermatology Society

Update Statement May 2018


The British Teledermatology Society was established in 2003 by a group of enthusiastic dermatologists with an interest in the use and development of Teledermatology in the UK.  Its aims were to monitor, report and educate on this evolving field, which in its earlier days was widely considered with scepticism and distrust.  Over the years the BTS has served its purpose well with 1-2 events per year including a session at the BAD annual conference which has grown steadily in popularity, in addition to hosting the 6th World Congress of Teledermatology in London in 2016.

We have been instrumental in developing national

Quality Standards for Teledermatology

 (2013) and

UK guidance on the use of mobile photographic devices in dermatology

 (2017) in order to ensure best practice and guidance within the UK. These documents can be accessed through the BAD website.

Fifteen years on, with the rapid pace of improvement in digital technology, ongoing pressures of managing overstretched NHS Dermatology services and a new generation of dermatologists, evidence shows increasing interest and acceptance of teledermatology by dermatologists as an adjunctive tool both in areas of high demand and where geographic barriers create difficulty with dermatology service provision.

This year, following consultation with members and the BAD executive, a decision was made to discontinue the BTS as a special interest society and to bring it within the BAD by establishing a Teledermatology Subcommittee to better serve its modern role, with links to the Clinical Services Unit and Health Informatics Subcommittee of the BAD.  The Teledermatology sessions at the BAD conference will continue as will an annual educational Teledermatology Skills and Practice course which was commenced in 2017.  Additionally with sponsorship from the BAD we will have a bursary for trainees to perform a Teledermatology project and present it at a national or international meeting.

Saul Halpern, Chair, Teledermatology Subcommittee

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