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I initially trained in dermatology in India and I have been working as a SAS doctor in Dermatology at Milton Keynes university hospital for the last 10 years. I am currently working as an Associate Specialist and as an acting consultant and clinical lead for
Dermatology at Milton Keynes University hospital. I qualified in Medicine from India in 1995 and subsequently did a postgraduate diploma in dermatology followed by MD in dermatology.
My special interest is in skin cancer surgery mainly over the head and neck and I also practice general dermatology. I love my job as an associate specialist which gives me an opportunity to be independent and also has helped me to take charge of my own professional development over the years. My current role as a clinical lead has been quite challenging and has given me an excellent opportunity and valuable experience in clinical management.

I have been a member of the BAD SAS subcommittee for the last 2 years and proud of the work that we do. Working for the subcommittee has given me a chance to contribute towards raising the awareness about the SAS grade and the excellent work we do and I would continue to strive towards supporting my colleagues in their career progression.


I started my professional career as a job sharing GP, but had an interest in dermatology at the outset doing 2 sessions a week as a Clinical Assistant for 5years.
In 1999 I swapped to a full time secondary care post as a Staff Grade, which was regraded into an Associate Specialist post in 2002.
I have found the SAS role very rewarding as it allows me to be heavily involved in direct patient care without getting bogged down by bureaucracy.

I am a clinical lead in the patch testing & phototherapy service in my department and have also been involved in numerous committees nationally including: the SAS subcommittee of the BAD; the dermatology council for Wales; the Welsh dermatology forum phototherapy subcommittee of the BAD; and the conference & events committee of the BAD, for which I am SAS representative. The latter role commenced following the initiation of the pre-conference SAS educational session, which is growing in strength. I have been involved with the organisation of the Clinical Dermatology Update (CDU) for SAS doctors since its inception and am very proud of the continued success of this conference in its tenth anniversary year.
Currently I am co-opted onto the BAD SAS subcommittee to report on the educational content of the aforementioned National educational programmes for SAS doctors.

I would strongly urge you to become involved with the committees work, should the opportunity arise, as it is does allow you to make a difference and adds another dimension to your career.

Dr Asha Rajeev  ( SAS committee website co-ordinator) 

I qualified as a dermatologist by completing three years M.D in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy at Trivandrum Medical College, Kerala, India, 1996-1999. Since then I had further training as a cosmetic dermatologist at Bangalore, India for one and a half years. I successfully completed the Dip. N.B exam in 2001. After working as a general physician for 2 years, I was appointed as a Senior lecturer in dermatology at Medical College, Calicut. I came to England in 2006, completed my MRCP and joined as a speciality doctor in dermatology at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation trust. I am currently the audit lead and interim phototherapy lead for the department in addition to my 10 PA job. I joined the BAD SAS sub-committee last year as one of my colleagues had to retire. I have found this group very inspiring, attentive to the changes happening in our Dermatology world and working hard to get our rights. As a member of this sub-committee (in charge of web site), I am able to understand the problems we face as SAS doctors and able to mentor the newly appointed SAS colleagues in my department.

Dr Pariyawan Rakvit

I graduated from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and came to the UK in 2006 to study a Masters degree in Dermatology at St Johns Institute of Dermatology. I then started working in the NHS and achieved the MRCP in 2009. I have worked in Dermatology in various trusts in the UK including a training post. In January, I was appointed to the post of specialty doctor in Dermatology at Doncaster and Bassetlaw hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

I have an interest in medical education and have actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. In addition, I have had a number of publications in Dermatology journals.

I joined the SAS committee in 2015 and would like to contribute my skills and academic experience to the SAS doctors in Dermatology in the UK.

Dr Jonathan Slater - ( SAS sub committee- Service Provision / Contracts)

Dr Slater is a Dermatology Associate Specialist and Clinical Lead for Reconstructive Skin Cancer Surgery at East Surrey Hospital. His speciality is the Diagnosis and Reconstructive management of Skin Cancers using Local skin flaps and Grafts in Day Case Surgery.


Dr Jui Vyas

I am a Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Department of Dermatology at Cardiff University. I am currently involved in general dermatology clinics and clinical trials. I have a keen interest in medical education and have been actively involved in developing undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in dermatology for Cardiff University. 




Dr Nicola Hart- Consultant represenative

I graduated from Sheffield University in 1993 and initially trained as a GP in the beautiful county of Shropshire. I had an interest in dermatology from the outset attaining the Cardiff University Diploma of Practical Dermatology in 2001. I started working as a clinical assistant in Dermatology for 2 sessions a week in 2001, becoming a full time staff grade in 2004 and an Associate Specialist in 2007. I successfully took the SCE exam in 2014 and went on to apply for specialist registration through the CESR route in 2015. I achieved specialist registration in December 2015 and will start work as a Consultant Dermatologist in Shropshire in March 2016.

During my time as a SAS doctor I had a lead role in developing the contact dermatitis service for Shropshire, was the Principal Investigator for BADBIR at The Princess Royal Hospital in Telford and was the lead for clinical governance for the department.

I joined the SAS committee in 2015 and took on the CESR portfolio. I was a member of the working party which developed the CESR application framework, which I believe will be an invaluable resource to doctors applying for a CESR in dermatology and have been asked to speak on the next CESR training day in June. I am staying on the committee as the consultant representative taking over from Trupti Desai and hope to be as good a role model as she is.

I feel that the committee plays a vital role in raising the profile of SAS doctors as well as encouraging discussion and sharing information about the many challenges we face in our role. 

Dr Alexandra Kemp

I graduated from Nottingham University in 1999 and initially trained as a GP.  I soon realised my passion in medicine was for Dermatology and in particular skin surgery.  After studying for the Cardiff University Diploma in Practical Dermatology in 2003, I became a clinical assistant in dermatology and then helped set up a community dermatology service as a GPwSI in 2006.  In 2009,  I decided to work full time in Dermatology and became a Speciality Doctor at Amersham Hospital in Buckinghamshire.  I am now Clinical Governance Lead for Dermatology Surgery in our Trust.

I work with five other SAS doctors and have become aware of some of the frustrations that SAS doctors encounter.    SAS doctors are a diverse group bringing a variety of different skills and experiences that I believe are so important to any Dermatology Department.  By joining the committee I hope to support and help progress the role of the SAS doctor.

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