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GP with a Special Interest (GPwSI)

GP with a Special Interest (GPwSI) accreditation

A GP with a Special Interest (GPwSI) supplements their role as a generalist by providing an additional service while still working in the community. Our GPwSI frameworks are designed to help practitioners and accreditors understand the knowledge and skills required.

Role of GPwSIs

GPwSIs can improve patient care in a number of important ways:
  • reduce costs and unnecessary secondary care referrals, helping divert referrals to a service provided by the GPwSI or extended scope practitioners
  • improve skills and facilitate more effective management of patients in primary care, using the GPwSI’s insight into general practice and their specialty to disseminate education and training
  • help improve clinical services for patients by reducing delays, improving access and keeping care closer to home
  • enhance patient care by managing a condition at a specialist level, but also take a holistic approach to co-existing multimorbidities
The Royal College of General Practitioners gives further guidance on the interim arrangements for the accreditation of GPwSIs in England since the dissolution of  PCTs.
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