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Healthcare Professionals

National Dermatology Trainee Committee


BAD Trainee Representative Dr Amr Salam
BAD Trainee Co-Representative Dr Eugene Ong
Region Representative
BCDG Dr Hayley Leeman
BSDS Dr David Veitch
BSMD Dr Emma Ormerod
BSPD Dr Lea Solman
Dowling Club Dr David Veitch
East Anglia 1 Dr Charlotte Fleming
East Anglia 2 Dr Maria Papanikolaou
East Anglia 3 Dr Aardarsh Shah
HEKSS - Kent Dr Sarah Mehrtens
HEKSS - Sussex Dr Wen Ai Woo
Flexible Training Dr Rachel Fisher
Mersey Dr Junie Wong
North East Scotland Dr Michelle Anderson
Northern Dr Khimara Naidoo
Northern Ireland Dr Wedad Abdelrahman
North Thames 1 Dr Mariana Noy
North Thames 2 Dr Mansi Rajpopat
North Wales Dr Jenny Callander
North Western Dr Nick Collier
SAC Dr Tom Tull
South East Scotland Dr Dominic Tabor
South East Thames Dr Sophie Momem
South Wales Dr Stela Ziaj
South West Peninsula Dr Alice Walker
South West Severn Dr Beth Wright
South West Thames Dr Leila Ferguson
Thames Valley Dr Gorav Wali
Trent 1 Dr Satwinder Shinhmar
Trent 2 Dr David Veitch
Wessex Dr Charlie Mitchell
West Midlands 1 Dr Georgina Fremlin
West Midlands 2 Dr Aaron Wernham
West Scotland Dr Ajeet Maan
Yorkshire and Humber Dr Laura Savage

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