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Bullous pemphigoid

Email invitation to all UK working members (coming soon)

This is a national clinical audit developed in collaboration with the British Society for Medical Dermatology. It is based on the audit standards derived from the British Association of Dermatologists' guidelines for the management of bullous pemphigoid 2012 and is open to all BAD members in the UK and those in their clinical team.

Please identify notes for FIVE consecutive adults with bullous pemphigoid per department, who have been under hospital supervision (in part or completely) for at least 12 months. Use the notes to respond to the questions in the Excel-based spreadsheet proforma.

Further information and instructions, including how to save and submit your file, are provided in the proforma.

  • The audit standards are described at the top of the proforma, and the required data items in the row immediately underneath.
  • Most cells have drop-down options from which to choose your response; click on the appropriate cell, then click on the down arrow () which appears to the right of the selected cell, and choose your response (screen capture below):

  • Please do not type free text in these cells and use the comments column instead, if you would like to provide further information.
  • Where the down arrow () does not appear, free-text entries are welcome.
  • There are additional, preliminary questions relating to the overall management of patients with bullous pemphigoid (none of which require patient-identifiable information) including details on the:
    • initial treatment (baseline severity; types of and details on the therapies used; treatment outcomes), and
    • subsequent treatment (types of and details on the therapies used; treatment outcomes)
  • Please complete your details in the ‘About You’ section at the bottom of the proforma to validate your submission, so we can subsequently email an acknowledgement, followed by certificates of participation upon completion of the data collection, as well as a copy of the results which can be used as evidence to support revalidation.
  • Please ensure you list the names of ALL clinicians with patient responsibility so certificates can be issued appropriately.

The audit data collection will close on Tuesday 1st May 2018.

Please consider these actions before proceeding to begin to enter the audit data:

  1. Register the audit with your hospital or Trust.
  2. Obtain FIVE consecutive sets of notes for adults with bullous pemphigoid who have been under hospital supervision for at least 12 months.
  3. Set aside some free time to undertake this audit.

Please forward any queries to BAD Clinical Standards Administrator, Ms Alhan Abdi Salad  (

This audit opportunity was provided by the BAD through the Health Informatics sub-committee and shaped by the British Society for Medical Dermatology as well as previous and current members of the bullous pemphigoid guideline development group, to enable members to undertake a national clinical audit.

BAD Clinical Standards Unit
BAD Health Informatics Sub-Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why do you require information on the unit number and patients' date of birth in the spreadsheet proforma?
A1: These are to help you during the data gathering exercise in identifying the FIVE patients included in the audit.

Q2: Why do I have to delete certain information before submitting the proforma to the BAD?
A2: The BAD does not require these information as they can potentially identify your patients and the provision of such data would require advance notice to your local Caldicott guardian.

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