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For the Public

For the Public

For the Public

This section is dedicated to information and resources intended for the general public. Here you will be able to access information on a wide spectrum of skin conditions and treatments, learn about the risk, prevention and early detection of skin cancer, discover dermatology protocol within the health service, gain access to support groups, learn how to become a case study and find out what BAD campaigns are on the horizon. 

Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)

These downloadable leaflets offer an expert source of information across the spectrum of skin-related topics, including diseases, conditions, symptoms and treatments. 

Skin Support

The British Association of Dermatologists is dedicated to furthering the provision of psychological support for people with skin diseases, and we are working to support patients and clinicians in this important area. Skin Support is a BAD website providing a wealth of self-help materials and information for people with skin conditions. 

Become a Case Study

One of the most effective channels by which we raise the public profile of skin conditions is through the media. Case studies prove particularly useful in emphasising the effect of skin conditions on real people, creating an impactful statement. If you would like to consider becoming a case study please visit the 'Become a Case Study' tab on the left menu. 

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is proving to be one of the UK's most prominent carcinogenic diseases. In the tab to the left you will find information on the various forms of skin cancer, sun beds and sun safety advice, in addition to downloadable information guides.  

Patient Support Groups

A database of the leading patient support groups on specific skin conditions and diseases, including contact details, is available at the tab on the left hand menu. 

Sun Awareness Campaign

Every year the BAD makes a concerted effort to bring sun safety education to the UK public. Sun Awareness Week and the Be Sun Aware Roadshow are at the heart of our Sun Awareness Campaign. To find out more about what's coming up this year, how you can get involved and past campaign activity please visit the 'Sun Awareness Campaign' tab to the left. 

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