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Poster Presentations

If your abstract has been selected for Poster Presentation at the 97th Annual Meeting, please take a moment to review the guidelines below.



  • All posters should be PORTRAIT, measuring a maximum of 1m width x 1.5m high
  • Judging of the posters will be based on a combination of: Suitability of the subject for a poster display, original scientific information, teaching qualities and visual impact.


For uniformity and simplicity, it is best to arrange your poster in the following format:


  • Introduction: a few brief sentences that state the purpose of the study
  • Methods
  • Results: illustrations, tables, figures, graphs and photos.
  • Conclusions: a list or summary paragraph of conclusions.


Title, authors and institutional affiliation


  • All lettering for titles should be at least not less than 2.5cm high.
  • The heading should include the authors’ names and affiliations


Tables, charts, drawings and illustrations, as required


  • Lettering for text in the body of the poster should be legible for comfortable reading at 2 metres away, using no less than 1cm high type.
  • Type should be in a sans serif face (e.g. Arial) that is clear and precise.  Do not use all capital letters.
  • Headings – be consistent with headings, whether they are all capital letters, boldface or italicised.
  • To help viewers follow the flow of ideas, number or letter each illustration and cue it into your text.  Each chart or table should have a label or explanation.


PLEASE NOTE that the BAD cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to a poster presented during the Annual Meeting.

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