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Executive Committee

Executive Committee 2017 - 2018 

Dr Nick Levell President in The Chair (7/16-7/18)
Dr Ruth Murphy President Elect (7/17-7/18)
Dr Mabs Chowdhury Academic Vice President (7/17-7/19)
Dr Tanya Bleiker Clinical Vice President (7/16-7/18)
Dr Anshoo Sahota Honorary Treasurer (7/16-7/19)
Dr Karen Gibbon Honorary Secretary (7/17-7/19)
Dr Tabi Leslie Assistant Honorary Secretary (7/17-7-19) 
Dr Alex Anstey Editor BJD (7/16-7/19)
Dr David Brass North East Representative (7/17-7/20)
Dr Julia Stainforth Yorkshire & The Humber Representative (7/16-7/19)
Dr Richard Azurdia North West Representative (7/15-7/18)
Dr Graham Johnston East Midlands Representative (7/16-7/19)
Dr Irshad Zaki West Midlands Representative (7/16-7/19)
Dr George Millington East of England Representative (7/17-7/20)
Dr Michelle Oakford Thames Valley & Wessex Representative (7/16-7/19)
Dr Anthony Bewley North London Representative (7/17-7/20)
Dr Anna Chapman South London Representative (7/15-7/18)
Dr Larry Shall South East Coast Representative (7/17-7/20)
Dr William Porter South West Representative (7/16-7/19)
Dr David Alderdice Eire & N Ireland Representative (7/15-7/18)
Dr Michael Tidman Scotland Representative (7/17-7/19)
Dr Jenny Hughes Wales Representative (7/15-7/18)
Dr Amr Salam Trainee Representative (7/17-7/19)
Co-opted Members  
Dr Ruth Murphy Chairman Education Sub-Committee
Dr Pamela McHenry Chairman Therapy & Guidelines Sub-Committee
Dr Rajesh Goel Chairman SAS Sub-Committee
Dr David Eedy Chairman RCP Joint Specialty Committee
Dr Tamara Griffiths Chairman SAC of the JRCPBT
Professor Chris Bunker Honorary Secretary British Skin Foundation
Dr Sheru George Chair of the NHS Information Centre Expert Working Group
TBA Chair Specialised Dermatology Clinical Reference Group
Dr David de Berker Chair Health Informatics Sub-Committee
Mrs Amanda Roberts Lay Member
Ex-officio Members  
Professor Malcolm Rustin UEMS Representative
Dr Helen Young Chairman of BSID
In addendance  
Marilyn Benham Chief Executive Officer
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